ASD Branches are hubs for ASD Sponsors, volunteers, staff and community activities. Monthly ASD Branch Sponsors Meeting discuss and co ordinate ASD activities.

Each fully funded ASD Branch provides

ASD Branch Committees – ASD Member led community projects.

Kings and Queens Educational Services (KQES) – Weekly education program for children aged 8 -11 and 13 – 16, Youth services for young people aged 16 – 24. Adult training and Education

Yam Yam Service – A co-operative focused on the distribution of food produce to ASD Members.

Advice and More – On Call Solicitor, Legal advice, General Advocacy, ASD Branch Counsellor service, Financial Advice, Well – Being Officer (Nutrition,exercise, Physiotherapy assessment and treatment) sign posting and referrals.

ASD Approved – Business approval and customer loyalty scheme- ASD approved businesses offer discounts on products and services to ASD members and in exchange receive free promotion for their business through our networks.

ASD Branch Fund – ASD’s investment in ASD Members businesses and social enterprises. Majestic Sports – Sporting events and activities e.g. badminton /football/netball tournaments.

ASD Branch Committees

ASD Branch committees supervise the following ASD Branch volunteer groups

  • ASD Branch Legal Committee – Supervising ASD Legal cases, Pro Bono legal assistance, community education and General ASD Legal management.
  • ASD Branch Youth Services – Responsible for organizing youth services and activities
  • ASD Branch Economic Development Team – Responsible for organizing ASD Branch and community commercial activities.
  • ASD Branch Community Development Team – Responsible for organizing ASD Branch community operations
  • ASD Branch Neighborhood Services – General community maintenance and improvement eg community clean up, community asset maintenance.
  • ASD Branch Intervention Team – Crisis intervention, conflict management, CBT Therapy
  • ASD Service Team – Responsible for ASD Branch services and engagement

ASD Branch Managers report directly to ASD Branch Committees and are responsible for the well-being of ASD Branch Sponsor and Supporters. They will be in the community and work with the ASD Branch Committee to coordinate ASD Branch activities and services in the area. Every intervention or request will allow for ASD services users to access guidance and support from professional in their community.

ASD Branch sponsorship allows for the organisation to fund a suitable spaces for delivering a subsidised education service for the community. ASD Sponsors will be referred to the relevant ASD Branch member of staff depending on their request.

ASD Branch sponsors receive discounts on Yam Yam Food purchases and fund Yam Yam food services in their community. ASD Yam Yam Food service provides a central distribution point, a local pick up shop and delivery for ASD Sponsors and members of the community. The ASD Branch Yam Yam Food Committee will have a budget of £1000 for volunteers and operation costs for their activities. A combination of paid staff and volunteers enables ASD to reduce the overall operational cost which can be passed on to ASD Branch Sponsors.

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