Yam Yam is a food distribution initiative that offers food packages at subsidized costs to ASD members. We believe fundamentally that food accessibility is a basic human right and should be a supplementary community service. Yam Yam also operates as a form of outreach to vulnerable members of our community. Food packages will be collected from a distribution point or delivered directly to the homes of those unable to get to collection points.

The groups of people that will benefit most from these services will be the elderly, single parent households and low income households. Yam Yam intends to make this service available to all members of our community including non ASD members. ASD also intends to invest in the production and distribution of foods that are consumed by the majority of our members. Yam Yam also operates as a form of outreach to those members of the community which are most vulnerable. Yam Yam is a mixed ownership co-operative. This means that our members are our customers, some of our members work in the co-operative and some trade with us.

ASD Branch Sponsors elect volunteer groups to supervise management and participant in their ASD Branch Yam Yam service. ASD Branch Members fund 5 members of staff and 2 commercial spaces for their Food Co Operative Service. ASD Yam Yam Branch Services Volunteers.

A community pick Up staff that can operate with or without staff will be located in the areas with the highest number of households. The Yam Yam Pick Up points can be operated from commercial spaces and community spaces. ASD Yam Yam Food Co Operative Committee are allocated a monthly budget of £1000 towards project costs and volunteer expenses.

Orders can be made online and picked up the following day at Distribution center or local ASD Yam Yam Pick Up points. Yam Yam offers discounts on goods to ASD members. Non-ASD members will purchase Yam Yam goods at a competitive market rate. This will encourage more members of our community to join the organization which will stimulate the growth of this service and ASD as a whole.

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