Apply to become an ASD Branch Sponsor

African Sons and Daughters Branch Sponsorship status is available to 1000 members of the community who donate amounts of £30 and above+ per months.

Each ASD Branch established by ASD Branch Sponsors will generate £360,000 towards to groups services and activities.

ASD provides a platform for members of the community to harness their collective strength by initiating, supporting and maintaining worthwhile social services made available to their community.

Services provided

Special Benefits

ASD Branch Sponsors support 14 members of staff and volunteer expenses in their community

ASD Branch Staff per 1000 Sponsors

  • ASD Branch Manager (£1800 P.M)
  • ASD Branch On Call Solicitors (£2500 P.M)
  • ASD Branch General Advocate (£1400PM)
  • ASD Branch Councilor Supervisor (£1400)
  • ASD Branch Community Development Officer (£1200PM)
  • ASD Community Outreach (£1400PM)
  • ASD Yam Yam Main Food Center Staff x 4 part time
  • ASD Branch Administrator (£1200PM)
  • ASD Branch Legal Adviser / Solicitor (£2500 P.M)
  • ASD Branch Legal Secretary (£1400PM)
  • ASD Branch Councillor (£1200PM)
  • ASD Branch Physical Well Being Officers (£1200)
  • ASD Yam Yam Van Driver
  • ASD Branch Volunteer Expenses

Apply to become an ASD Branch Sponsor