My name is Daniel Stennett and I am the Founder of called African Sons and Daughters. We exist because of a natural necessity. A need to independently fund, secure and establish community services.

If 1000 people marched every month they would raise awareness of their issues. However, if the same 1000 people committed to contributing £30 per month they could fund solutions to address their issues. 

We have a clear choice. Do we want our children to inherit dreams and ideas? Or do we want them to inherit services and institution.

African Sons and Daughters is a public organisation that is not owned by an individual or shareholders but operated and funded by members of the community.

The main motivation isn’t profit. We are dedicated to creating a long lasting organisation. Our next generation will inherit the social and economic legacy of the organisation left by you, its founding members.

We can build a strong membership base that is committed to funding and participating in African Sons and Daughters Services within their local community.

We provide an opportunity for members of the public to support and contribute directly to their community.

African Sons and Daughters also provides a platform for members of the community to harness their collective strength. 

We refuse to allow the next generation to inherit dreams and ideas. They will need services and institutions for their challenges and triumphs ahead.

Daniel Stennett


African Sons and Daughters 

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