To be applicable for the ASD Branch Sponsor program donations must be £30+

Please read and agree to our code of conduct in order to proceed

African Sons and Daughters Code of conduct
  1. Demonstrate the utmost integrity in all of my activities.
  2. Promote recognition and respect for African Sons and Daughters.
  3. Use my experience and skills to serve African Sons and Daughters.
  4. Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs using the highest ethical standards in order to set a good example to others.
  5. Be respectful and fair in all my dealings with other human beings.
  6. Offer my talents and skills to provide opportunities and improve the overall wellbeing of members of my community.
  7. Respect and honour the trust that African Sons and Daughters and ASD members provide and not engage in any activities that will reflect negatively on African Sons and Daughters.
  8. No expectation from a fellow ASD member for a privilege or advantage not normally given to others in a business or professional relationships.
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