Work with others in your area to build stronger community networks

To become an ASD Branch Sponsor, individuals must fill out our online application form. You will be contacted by someone from our organisation and invited to an interview to determine your role within our organisation. ASD members and volunteers must be 16 and above.

ASD fosters strong and positive relationships within our community and also provides an avenue for mutually beneficial relationships amongst members to emerge. All ASD branch members and supporters will be added to our mailing list and will receive our monthly newsletter via email.

African Sons and Daughters Code of conduct

  • Demonstrate the utmost integrity in all of my activities.
  • Promote recognition and respect for African Sons and Daughters.
  • Use my experience and skills to serve African Sons and Daughters.
  • Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs using the highest ethical standards in order to set a good example to others.
  • Be respectful and fair in all my dealings with other human beings.
  • Offer my talents and skills to provide opportunities and improve the overall wellbeing of members of my community.
  • Respect and honour the trust that African Sons and Daughters and ASD members provide and not engage in any activities that will reflect negatively on African Sons and Daughters.
  • No expectation from a fellow ASD member a privilege or advantage not normally given to others in a business or professional relationship
  ASD Branch Sponsorship Project
ASD Branches Services – ASD Member led community projects. Kings and Queens Educational Services (KQES) – Weekly education program for children aged 8 -11 and 13 – 16, Youth services for young people aged 16 – 24. Adult training and EducationYam Yam Service – A co-operative focused on the distribution of food produce to ASD Members.Advice and More – On Call Solicitor, Legal advice, General Advocacy, ASD Branch Counselor service,  Financial Advice, Well – Being Officer (Nutrition,exercise, Physiotherapy assessment and treatment) sign posting and referrals. ASD Approved – Business approval and customer loyalty scheme- ASD approved businesses offer discounts on products and services to ASD members and in exchange receive free promotion for their business through our networks.ASD Branch Fund – ASD’s investment in ASD Members businesses and social enterprises.Majestic Sports – Sporting events and activities e.g. badminton /football/netball tournaments.ASD Asset Backed Investment Fund 2021 – We will offer shares in our Investment Funds exclusively to ASD Branch Members and hope to raise capital for Investments throughout the African Diaspora.     
  ASD Branch Sponsorship income of £360,00 per yearAccess to ASD Branch network consisting of 1000 people committed to community and personal development.Access to ASD branch services for member/familiesCommunity led projects and servicesLegal Representation and Advocacy for ASD Branch Sponsors and the wider community.    Positive, secure and healthy food services made available Sponsor concessionary rates on ASD products and services. Kings and Queens Education Services and Yam Yam Food Co-operative, Advice and More   (Working Towards) Discounted services such as theatre, cinema, sports, utilities, insurance, finance, fitness health and beauty.Fee prize draw couponAccess to financial support for projects ASD Asset Backed Investment Fund 2021 – We will offer shares in our Investment Funds exclusively to ASD Branch Members and hope to raise capital for Investments throughout the African Diaspora.        Annual Youth program for 120 young people aged 16 – 24 includes Access to £32,000 ASD Youth Grant and Award Fund  
  ASD Branches are hubs for ASD Members, volunteers, staff and community activities within a community. ASD Branch Sponsorship provides a steady income and support network for social services valued by communities that are vulnerable to recent and any future Central Government policy change.   African Sons and Daughters Branch Sponsorship is available to 1000 members of the community who donate amounts of £30+ per month which will generate £360,000 towards to groups services and activities.   Each ASD Branch established by ASD Branch Sponsors will generate regular financial support for positive community services and activities. Most charitable organisations are formed around a specific need and rely on grants to fund projects and staff cost. We are near the high end range for our donations requirements in order to be able to offer a consistent and quality service to ASD Branch sponsors and the wider community.       ASD provides a platform for members of the community with low and average income to harness their collective strength by initiating, supporting and maintaining worthwhile social services made available to their community. Families on low and average incomes will be able save money on ASD services and products.  
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