10-year-old boy comes 4th in global maths competition

Written by Leah Mahon
Published on 27th May 2021

Ore Oni, 10. Picture: Bronte School

 Ore Oni, a year six pupil at Bronte Academy in Gravesend, ranked fourth internationally and second in England in a world mathematics competition. Ore Oni has been the school’s annual times table champion since year four as well as being the school’s Head Boy. Oni participated along with the rest of his class in an annual global Mathematics Challenge, whereby 150 schools across the world compete against each other in maths quizzes. This annual competition marks World Maths Day on the 5th of May. In this competition, pupils participate in 20 rounds of number-based questions before answering as many sums as they can in 60 seconds. The year six class at Bronte Academy were ranked first in England and third globally in this competition.

 “Ore was very proud and happy to receive the accolade of being ranked second in the country and fourth in the world as an individual player. He has been an outstanding pupil throughout his time at Bronte School, and we are incredibly proud of all he has achieved individually.” – Emma Wood, Headmistress of Bronte Academy

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