21 Windrush Scandal victims die before getting compensation

Written by Sinai Fleary
Published on 19th May 2021

PROTEST: Anger over the Windrush Scandal led to protests in Lambeth and all over the country

Home Secretary Priti Patel stated that 21 victims of the Windrush Scandal have passed away before receiving compensation from the government. The Home Secretary disclosed that 1,996 applications have been made so far by Windrush victims. After the death of Windrush campaigner Paulette Wilson activists have demanded that the scheme be re-examined. Paulette Wilson, who had previously lived and worked in the UK for fifty years, was detained and threatened with deportation.

  Glenda Caesar, a member of the campaign group Windrush Lives, criticises a lack of empathy in case workers in dealing with cases of Windrush Scandal victims. She shares that this is a traumatic experience for many victims but that they are not being listened to. Another Windrush scandal victim, Leeford Hammond, 65, disregarded the scheme after having waited for almost two years for compensation. Hammond stated, “I would like to see the compensation scheme handed to an independent body who can do a better job.”

 Windrush Campaigner Patrick Vernon created a petition to remove the scheme and ensure that victims are automatically compensated of a minimum of £20,000 as well as the provision of legal assistance for victims.

 “It is outrageous that victims of the scandal are still dying because of the hostile environment policy – This is further evidence the government have failed the Windrush Generation and their families.” – Patrick Vernon

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