74% of children in London prisons awaiting trial are black, LBC investigation finds

  • Written by Leah Mahon
  • Published on 1st July 2021
  • Black children on remand in London is at a record-high. Picture: Ian Waldie/Getty Images
  • AS MANY as three-quarters of children from London are being held on remand in prison are black, LBC has revealed.
  • Children who are on remand have not been convicted of any crime, but instead a judge or a magistrate has decided that they must await their trial in prison.
  • As a result, children who are vulnerable and even innocent can be exposed to hardship and to hardened criminals.
  • The data remains hugely disproportionate considering that the black population of London is around 13% while the black and minority ethnic population in London is thought to be around 44%, according to Greater London Assembly data from 2016.


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