Black history lessons to be made mandatory in Welsh schools, says education minister

  • Written by Leah Mahon
  • Published on 19th March 2021
BLACK HISTORY: The past and present contribution of BAME people is to be required in all Welsh schools (Image via Getty Images)
  • Education on Racism and Britain’s colonial past will be made mandatory in the Welsh education system. This policy will be implemented by 2022 in all schools in Wales. The education minister, Kirsty Williams, announced this change in curriculum after a petition, signed by 35,000 people, that the teaching of Britain’s colonial history must be made a requirement in the Welsh education curriculum. Also, Williams states that the contributions by Black, Asian and other ethnic groups to British History must be acknowledged and taught in schools.
  • Professor Charlotte Williams notes that the contributions by BAME communities in British history has been absent in the Welsh education system. Professor Williams criticised the current education system where schools can choose whether or not to incorporate the teaching of issues such as racism and slavery into their lessons, which she believes is crucial to addressing and resolving the “racial inequalities’ in the Welsh education system. This education would educate the younger generation on these issues and allow them to develop into well informed citizens of society.
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