Black officer cites ‘Jim Crow culture’ in $33M lawsuit against Syracuse police

  • Written by Marconja Zor 
  • Published on 16th August 2021
    (Photo: YouTube/On Point for College)
  • Syracuse police officer Brandon Hanks has filed a lawsuit against the city of Syracuse and the police department for what he alleges to be “Jim Crow culture” and discriminating against him.
  • Office Hanks is well known in his city for his engagement with the community. In 2019, he hosted a one-on-one basketball match for the children in the area, with their prize being a pair of sneakers if they were able to score on him.
  • Hanks alleges that his familiarity with some of the citizens in the local area, along with him listening to rap music, that the Syracuse Police Department painted a picture that he is gang-affiliated, reports
  • On April 8, Capt. Timothy Gay, along with six other officers, generated a memo expressing their concerns on not only Hanks being tied to gangs, but possibly trafficking drugs. Hanks alleges that this memo was curated to prevent him from being part of an all-white gang task force because he is Black, labelling his treatment as “Jim Crow culture.”


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