Black people more likely to be targets of prolonged Taser use, police watchdog finds

  • Written by Leah Mahon
  • Published on 26th August 2021
    Mental health was found to be a key factor in the use of stun guns by police (Picture: Simon Stanmore)
  • POLICE ARE more likely to deploy the use of a Taser against black people for longer than in comparison to white people, a watchdog has found.
  • The study by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has raised concerns on police conduct following a review of 101 cases where stun guns were used from 2015-20.
  • The review investigated cases of the utmost seriousness and represents more than 94,000 deployments during that period.
  • With black people making up only 4% of the UK population, they were found to still make up around 60% people of being subject to continuous discharges of a Taser for more than five seconds, compared with 29% white people. It revealed that the longest length of continuous use was 67 seconds.


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