Black Transgender Man Says New Orleans Police Rescinded His Job Offer Because Of His Gender Identity

Written by Danyella Wilder
Published on 18th May 2021

Photo Credit: avid_creative

 Britton Hamilton, a Black transgender man, filed a discrimination complaint against the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), citing that a job offer was rescinded due to his gender identity. Britton Hamilton had begun transitioning in 2015 and legally became a man in 2016. The NOPD stated that the decision to reverse the job offer was because of psychological and behavioural principles based on assessments and that it had nothing to do with his gender.

 Initially, Hamilton, who applied to be a police officer, received a conditional job offer from the organisation. He had surpassed the civil service exam and physical agility test as well as passed the interview and a background check. After this, the NOPD asked for more information regarding his medical history. Hamilton submitted a letter from his doctor, stating that he was mentally and emotionally stable. Chelsea Cusimano, Hamilton’s lawyer, has stated that she is taking this case because she believes that the job offer was rejected because of his gender identity.

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