Bodycam Footage Shows Black North Carolina Man. Andrew Brown, With Hands on Wheel Before He Was Shot by Cops, Lawyer Says

Written by Tomas Kassahun
Published on 27th April 2021

Demonstrators gather outside a government building during an emergency city council meeting April 23, 2021 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina / Photo Credit: Sean Rayford / Stringer

 On Wednesday 21st April 2021, Andrew Brown, 42 years old African-American man, was killed by police officers. Brown was stopped by police officers serving a warrant for his arrest. Channel Cherry-Lassiter, an attorney for Brown’s family, stated that Brown submitted to the police officers instructions and did not pose a threat to them. A 20-second clip of the incident, recorded by police body camera footage, was shown to Brown’s family. His family have stated that Brown did drive away but that police officers were shooting at him before he tried to escape, which was displayed in the clip and corroborated by witnesses at the scene.

 In Elizabeth City, North Carolina, a state of emergency has been announced whilst the police prepare to release body camera footage of the killing of Andrew Brown. After the shooting, seven deputies were placed on administrative leave and three officers that were not involved in the incident have resigned. Ben Crump, an attorney to the Brown family, demanded that the full footage of the incident be released to the public. Under North Carolina law, the entire footage can only be made public with a court order.

“We do not feel we got transparency. We only saw a snippet of the video. They were going to show the whole video, then decided at the last minute they were going to redact it.” – Ben Crump

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