Broken families and communities lead to self-destruction

Broken families and communities lead to self-destruction

A few months ago I woke up to the news that London in the first quarter of the year has a higher murder rate than New York.

This is a community problem worldwide. I speak as a black man that is working in the community. I speak as an African in the diaspora. We are all connected but live like we are not. There is a connection between lack of investment in ourselves and the increase community dysfunction.

I’m 33 at the moment but when I was 24 a young brother my age approached me at random on the high street. He looked like he was struggling with life and his mental health. His clothes were dirty and he smelt like he needed a good wash. I had never spoken to this young man before but he approached me and asked me if I could get him a gun. He was desperate and didn’t see any hope other crime. He was dangerous to himself and others.

A few days ago the head of police in Newham said that gangs are more dangerous than paedophiles. We must resist the temptation to blindly accept that narrative. We can not give these people the licence to target our youth. The young man I mentioned was desperate of help. For me, he was an example of what can happen if we don’t provide positive support networks and activities for our community. Too many will slip through the gaps and into darkness if we don’t address this fundamental issue.

This has and will increase if not addressed. If we are waiting for other communities to help our community in a holistic way we will be waiting for a long time. Unfortunately we have the power but fail to use it. If this bothers you please don’t sit on the sidelines. If you can do something to help please do it. If you can support something that is doing something, please support it.

African Sons and Daughters is our contribution and I hope that we can do more in the future that will help our communities.

Bro Daniel S
African Son and Daughters


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