Dalian Atkinson trial: PC ‘not honest’ in account of ex-footballer’s death, jury told

  • Written by Leah Mahon
  • Published on 11th June 2021
Dalian Atkinson played for Ipswich Town and Sheffield Wednesday. Picture: by PA
  • THE POLICEMAN accused of the murder and manslaughter of an ex-footballer was “not honest” in police interviews or in the account he gave to court, the prosecution has told jurors.
  • PC Benjamin Monk, 43, denies murdering Dalian Atkinson outside his father’s home after being called to a disturbance at 1:30am in Meadow Close, Telford on 15 August 2016.
  • Birmingham Crown Court heard how after PC Monk had allegedly Tasered the former Aston Villa player for 33 seconds – six times longer than the standard practice – and also kicking the Mr Atkinson forcefully in the head twice.
  • In her closing address, in the sixth week of the trial, Ms Healy suggested to jurors that PC Monk’s apparent lack of memory about three facts was “convenient”, adding that “those three are facts that cause a great deal of damage.”
  • PC Monk claimed he cannot remember kicking Mr Atkinson at least twice to the head, or having his foot on the 48-year-old’s head when colleagues arrived at the scene and not telling others that he had kicked him in the head.


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