District Calls Anniversary Photo of High School Principal and His Wife ‘Questionable’

  • Written by Wayne Carter 
  • Published on 2nd August 2021.  Article updated on 3rd August 2021
    Photo Credit: Facebook
  • A high school principal in Colleyville says his bosses ordered him to remove a photo of him embracing his wife from social media.
  • Colleyville Heritage High School Principal James Whitfield has faced sharp criticism from some parents who are accusing him of teaching critical race theory.
  • One of those parents complained about the photo and the district ordered Whitfield to take it down. He said the district wouldn’t tell him why.
  • He looked online and immediately saw a photo of him and his wife on the beach — a photo shot by a professional photographer on their anniversary.
  • “I look at the picture, and I look at the words above it, and it says, ‘Is this the Dr. Whitfield we want leading our schools?’ I showed it to my wife, who immediately begins to well up with tears,” he said.
  • Whitfield’s wife Kerrie said she took the photo to mean a black man with a tattoo on his arm was inappropriate. But James Whitfield said he took it to mean the issue was he was in an interracial relationship.


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