DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Voting Bill Stating That The Measure Unfairly Targets Black Voters

  • Written by Tomas Kassahun
  • Published on 26th June 2021
    Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp / Photo Credit: Megan Varner
  • The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the State of Georgia, the Georgia Secretary of State and the Georgia State Election Board, accusing them of passing laws that make it harder to vote in predominately Black areas. The DOJ is specifically focused on striking down Senate Bill 202, which includes several provisions that hinder voters, such as making it illegal to provide food to voters in line and requiring ID for those voting by absentee ballots. 
  • “The Department of Justice will use all the tools it has available to ensure that each eligible citizen can register, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted free from racial discrimination,” Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General for DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, told NewsOne. “Laws adopted with a racially motivated purpose, like Georgia Senate Bill 202, simply have no place in democracy today.”


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