Feel Good Friday: New state grant to help restore rich African-American history in Florida

  • Written by Saundra Weathers Tampa
  • Published on 13th August 2021
    A view of the Florida State Capitol building on November 10, 2018, in Tallahassee, Florida. Photo: Mark Wallheiser (Getty Images)
  • Florida is home to dozens of African American museums and state lawmakers say they realized those museums could use some financial help. With help from Senator Rudolph Bracey, Senator Daryl Rouson secured $30 million in funding for African American museums in the state.
  • “They can receive an outright grant up to 500 thousand dollars or up to one million dollars by showing a 50 percent match. So it’s significant funding. $500 thousand is a great shot in the arm for a lot of institutions that have been struggling to find adequate funding to tell the story of African American history,” Rouson said.
  • That funding is part of federal money sent to the state according to Rouson. “They affectionately refer to them as Biden bucks. It was $10 billion extra that we had to spend that created the largest budget in the history of the state of Florida,” he said. “$102 billion. So many of these dollars did come from that.”


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