George Floyd: Derek Chauvin violated policy, Minneapolis police chief says

  • Published on BBC News on 5th April 2021
GETTY IMAGES – Chief Arradondo’s testimony is rare in a case involving former officer
  • On the sixth day of Derek Chauvin’s trial, Chief Medaria Arradondo of the Minneapolis Police Department was questioned regarding strategies taught to police officers on de-escalating situations by prosecutors. Chief Arradondo stated that Chauvin’s manner of restraining George Floyd is not part of the training that police officers receive in de-escalating situations. He states that Chauvin should not have continued restraining Floyd in that way he did once it was clear that Floyd was not resisting arrest and was visibly distressed.
  • In 2017, Arradondo became the first African American appointed to the position of Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department. Days after the death of George Floyd, he formally dismissed Chauvin and three other officers, who witnessed Chauvin’s actions and did not intervene. Also, he has stated that Chauvin’s conduct was not a result of a lack of training.
  • Arradondo commented that it was rare for a suspect to be taken into police custody for allegedly passing a counterfeit bill. When the prosecutor showed Arradondo footage of the incident, he remarked that Chauvin removed his knee from Floyd’s neck and onto his shoulder blade once the ambulance arrived.


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