Georgia NAACP Files Lawsuit Challenging Georgia’s New Voter Suppression Law

  • Published by the Georgia NAACP
  • Published on 29th March 2021
Governor Brian Kemp signs the much-criticized Election Integrity Act of 2021. Photograph: Governor Brian Kemp’s Twitter Fe/Reuters
  • The Georgia NAACP and many other organisations have filed a lawsuit against the Northern District of Georgia regarding Bill 202, commonly referred to as the Voter Suppression Bill, which they claim contests the First and Fourth and Fifteenth Amendment of the American Constitution. The Georgia Senate Bill 202 was signed by Governor Brian Kemp on 25th March 2021. The bill would limit early voting times and would require voters to provide photo identification to vote by mail. This bill will disproportionately affect Black and Latino communities, who are statistically less likely to have a job that allows them time off to vote during the limited early voting hours and possess the required identification to vote.
  •  The NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, have been targeted by this bill. It is now illegal for this organisation to send voting applications to citizens who are not registered to vote and to practice ‘line-warming’ where they have traditionally provided refreshments for voters who are made to queue for several hours on Election Day.
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