HBCU students unite to combat ‘period poverty’ on campus

  • Written by Savanna Samuels
  • Published on 25th March 2021
In Our Own Voice Fellows Amber Wynne and Kalaya Sibley spoke to D.C. Editor Micha Green about period poverty and the work they’re doing to combat it on AFRO Live. (Screenshot)
  • “Period poverty often gets sent on the backburner, but we need to bring everything to the forefront because until we eradicate all the oppressions that Black bodies are having, we’re not going to be free- even if that one last piece is period poverty itself,” – Amber Wynne
  • Kalaya Sibley and Amber Wynne, who are fellows of the organization ‘In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda (NBWRJA), discuss the issue of period poverty affecting college students in America, particularly women from ethnic minorities. 
  • A study carried out by George Mason University found that one in ten American college students have experienced period poverty and 14% of students were affected by this issue in the past year alone.  Sibley and Wynne, students of Hampton and Dillard universities, aim to bring awareness to the subject of period poverty on university campuses through events on campus and provide support for students who are affected by this issue. They are working with a company ‘The Honey Pot CO.’ to provide a giveaway of free feminine care products to college students.
  • Sibley shares that she is in the process of establishing an emergency contraceptive vending machine on Dillard campus. Wynne campaigned for a bill at Hampton university that would ensure that menstruation products are free for all students, which was passed and will be implemented in Autumn 2021. Also, Wynne discusses a new project she is currently working on called ‘The Period Project’ which aims to implement period pantries in every dormitory and campus building in Hampton university, making menstrual products more accessible on campus.
  • Read the Full Story at https://afro.com/hbcu-students-unite-to-combat-period-poverty-on-campus/


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