Hundreds arrested after anti-government protests in Chad

Published on The Independent on 30th April 2021

Chad Ramadan (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

Following the announcement of the death of President Idriss Deby, his son, Mahamat Deby, has been acting as the de facto leader of the Chad government. Over seven hundred people have been arrested for participating in protests against the new Chad government on Tuesday 27th April 2021. The anti-government protests took place in N’Djamena and Moundou, two of the largest cities in Chad. Protesters claim that law enforcement launched live ammunition during the demonstrations. A military representative stated that the anti-government protests resulted in the death of a retired police officer.

 Marta Hurtad, a U.N. human rights office spokeswoman, commented that it is not known how many of these people continue to be detained. Hurtad commented that the Chad government must adhere to human rights laws and ensure that the right for citizens to peacefully protest is protected. The government has blamed the rebel group Front for Change and Concord (FACT) for the death of Idriss Deby, who have threatened to march on the capital and remove Mahamut Deby from office.

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