Hundreds Of Black Incarcerated People Sent Home Due To COVID-19 Could Return To Prison Once Pandemic Ends

  • Written by Danyella Wilder
  • Published on 27th July 2021
    Photo Credit: Kittirat Roekburi / EyeEm
  • Months since incarcerated people were sent home to serve out their sentences due to the spread of COVID-19, thousands are now facing the possibility of returning back to prison.
  • Of those facing the unknown at home in Texas is Kendrick Fulton, Sr. who’s been surrounded by his close family members for the past 10 months as a result of the COVID-19 Prisoner Release Plan.
  • Last year, The Marshall Project reported that only 7% of low-risk Black male incarcerated people would be considered for release, per an investigation.
  • Despite Fulton and thousands of others being sent home to serve out his remaining sentence, The New York Times published an article stating that Biden’s legal team concluded the Trump Administration memo had correctly interpreted the law. Incarcerated people now face the pressure of being sent back to prison once the pandemic is officially over.


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