Number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in key roles has doubled in the UK, analysis finds

  • Written by Leah Mahon
  • Published on 28th July 2021
    The Black Lives Matter movement has caused organisation to confront racial inequality. (Picture: Getty Images)
  • THE PAST four years had revealed that the amount of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in key public positions has more than doubled, according to analysis from a campaign group.
  • Throughout the top political, public, cultural and media sectors there were up to 73 black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) people occupying positions 23 July 2021, according to data collated by Operation Black Vote (OBV).
  • This is more than twice the 36 public figures found by the same campaigners in 2017.
  • Despite the positive figures, it has been warned that “the struggle continues.” According to figures from Diversity UK, around 14% of the UK’s population is from a BAME background. Among the list of 1,100 powerful figures, it shows 6.3% were from ethnic minorities, with only 19 (1.6%) BAME women. While in 2017, 3.4% were from ethnic minorities and just seven (0.7%) were BAME women.


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