President Moise’s Funeral to be Held July 23 in Haiti’s North

  • Written by Sandra Lemair and Renan Toussaint.
  • Matiado Vilme in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, contributed to this story.
  • Published on 16th July 2021
    A man carrying a painting of slain President Jovenel Moise in the Petion-Ville neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, July 16, 2021. Photo Credit: Reuters
  • Haitian President Jovenel Moise will be buried on July 23 in the northern city of Cape Haitian, a member of the official funeral organization committee said Friday.
  • “We have a logistical team who will evaluate the site where the funeral will be held,” Minister of Culture and Communication Pradel Anriquez, a member of the committee, told reporters during a news conference in Port-au-Prince. A schedule of events will be published soon, he said.
  • Anriquez said there are three events planned. On July 20, an official ceremony honoring the life of Moise will be held at the MUPANAH. He said the national palace protocol team is organizing that event.
  • On July 22, the president’s wake will be held, Anriquez said. But he did not provide further details, adding only that “the public funeral of the president of the republic will be held in accordance with the wishes of the Moise family and also in accordance with the law.”


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