Pride in London issue apology for racism against black gay community

Written by Leah Mahon
Published on 13th May 2021

EQUALITY: Black and other ethnic minority people have spoken about their experiences of racism while attending Pride in London (Photo by Pietro Recchia/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Pride in London have publicly apologized to Black members of the LGBT+ community who were discriminated against whilst they were volunteering for the organization. Black people and other ethnic minority groups have shared their experiences of bullying and other forms of discrimination they encountered when they were volunteering for Pride in London. The organization has acknowledged that they had not recognised and adequately dealt with these instances of discrimination in the past.

In response, they launched the Proud of Pride plan, which includes the implementation of a zero-tolerance policy towards microaggressions. Also, the volunteer-led organisation will ensure that 50% of the new leadership team will be members of ethnic minority communities. In addition, the organization will increase annual funding to £100,000, which will provide grants for LGBT+ grassroots organisations.

“The past few weeks have been challenging and personally painful as a member of the Black Queer community. As Pride in London moves forward we will continue to listen and create a space that values diverse views and incorporates these into its culture, processes and decision making. The leadership team will drive the dynamics of a cultural change that uproots all forms of discrimination.”  Christopher Joell-Deshields, Executive Director of Pride in London

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