Sadiq Khan speaks to The Voice ahead of May elections for London Mayor and says tackling racial inequality is his priority

Written by Leah Mahon
Published on 19th April 2021

CAMPAIGN: Sadiq Khan has said that his Police Action Plan will look at the inequalities experienced by black people

In an interview, Sadiq Khan outlines the key issues he will be tackling in his re-election campaign. The following issues: policing, drug laws and unemployment, which disproportionately impact Black communities in the UK.

 Following the death of George Floyd, Khan publicly declared support for the Black Lives Matter movement. He states that there is a lack of trust between the police and Black British communities. Khan comments “The way to improve this, is to rebuild trust and confidence, and not to have our head in the sand.”

 A report by the London School of Economics (LSE) stated that drug policing is the main reason for stop and search procedures, which disproportionately targets Black and Asian people. Khan aims to establish a committee to investigate other countries’ approaches on decriminalising drugs. He reiterates the importance of keeping an open mind on this issue. Khan states “Through this commission, we want to be looking at the arguments for and against, and recommendations going forward.”

 The Trades Congress Union (TCU) reported since the Covid-19 pandemic BAME workers in employment have dropped 26 times compared to white workers. Khan commented that the pandemic has ‘exposed and exacerbated the structural inequalities and racial inequality that exist in our society.” Khan aims to help the 300,000 people living in London, who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, get back into employment.  

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