South Sudan offers $40,000 bounty on information, arrest of highway gangs

Written by Garang A. Malak
Published on 5th May 2021

South Sudan National Police Service officers in Juba on April 9, 2020.

South Sudan authorities have appealed to the public for any information on the criminal gangs that are targeting Kenyan and Ugandan drivers on highways. The authorities offered a $40,00 reward for any information that will identify the criminals in the image above. These anonymous gangs are behind numerous road ambushes, where people are tortured, kidnapped and held for ransom. According to official reports, the victims were returned after their ransom was paid by family members. The Kenyan Embassy in South Sudan has advised drivers to avoid targeted highways.

 In the past month, two Kenyan drivers were murdered and two others went missing. The Kenya Drivers Association reported that six of their members were killed on the South Sudan highways in the past year alone. A Ugandan lobby group claimed that one of their members was attacked by these gangs and is in a coma.

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