Texas Republicans Pass Bill Stopping Teachers from Teaching About Racism in Classrooms

Written by Sìmone Stancil
Published on 12th May 2021

People protesting the death of George Floyd hold up placards in a street near the White House / Photo Credit: Mandel Ngan/ AFP

  A bill was passed in the Texas House of Representatives that prohibits the teaching of Critical Race Theory in American schools. Critical Race Theory is a concept that acknowledges that systemic racism is a part of American culture and history. This theory examines the systems that have disadvantaged people of colour and uphold white privilege in American society from the start of the country’s inception and aims to challenge and dismantle these racial structures.

 The bill, H.B. 3979, passed with 79-65 votes, with a majority of Republicans voting in favour. In a recent Atlantic/Leger poll it was found that 52% of citizens who identified as Republicans supported this bill. Republicans have argued that it should be the responsibility of parents to teach their children about “controversial politics” and not the school system.

 Democrat James Talarico stated that this bill means that teachers can discuss race with their students but are not allowed to talk about white supremacy and privilege. He argues that this law would whitewash the legacy of slavery and racism in American history.

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