‘There Are Graves There’: Black Cemetery Network Aims To Uncover Overlooked Burial Grounds

  • Written by Tomas Kassahun
  • Published on 21st August 2021
    Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • The head of the anthropology department at the University of South Florida, has launched a national network to keep track of lost historical Black cemeteries across the country. 
  • Antoinette Jackson and her team said The Black Cemetery Network has continued to grow since the website launched in June, with more and more lost cemeteries being reported across the country.
  • Many historical Black cemeteries now being discovered have been covered by buildings or parking lots.
  • According to USF, the national network includes a virtual archive and a map of historical Black cemetery sites, as well as a research portal and an advocacy hub. Jackson said there are likely tens of thousands of lost cemeteries across the nation that have been systemically covered up.


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