This Black Woman from The Projects of South Philly Built a Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio at Age 30

  • Written by Charlene Rhinehart
  • Published on 21st March 2021
(Image Credit: LinkedIn/Ayesha Selden)
  • Ayesha Seldon is the owner of over forty properties in America.  She shares her story of coming from a working-class background to becoming a millionaire at the age of thirty. Seldon reveals that from a young age she was good at saving money and states that this skill has been crucial to her success as a real estate investor. 
  • Seldon was raised by a single mother in an under-funded neighbourhood in South Philadelphia. When she was 18-years-old, her family moved to another neighbourhood. She advised her mother to not sell their home but rent it out because she believed that the property values in the area would increase. Her mother sold the house for $35,000 but Seldon learnt that ten years later the house is worth ten times the amount her mother sold it for. This experience motivated her to become a property investor.
  • At 24-years-old Seldon bought a house in foreclosure for $67,00 in Philadelphia with her savings. She moved into the house and renovated the property. She utilised the practice of house hacking, which is buying a property, living in one unit and renting out the other units to other people. As a result, she was able to save more money, which allowed her to buy more properties. Currently Seldon also works as a Private Wealth Advisor, where she helps people manage their finances.
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