We must fight for women of colour who fight for us

  • Written by Ben Jealous
  • Published on 15th March 2021
Photo: Facebook
  • Ben Jealous reports that the reputations of Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clarke are being attacked by right wing groups. A hashtag “HerFightOurFight” has gained popularity in support of women of colour who hold positions of power, specifically in politics. Gupta and Clarke have been recruited to work in high-level positions for the Biden Administration. These actions represent a positive change in the American government, which suggests a movement towards a more progressive and diverse society.
  • This hashtag was promoted by Shirley Sherrod, a woman of colour and former Georgia State Director of Rural Development, who lost her position after a slander campaign painted her as a bigoted individual, which was later confirmed to be false information. Currently, there is a million-dollar advertisement that is aimed at tarnishes these women’s professional reputations.
  • Vanita Gupta, a civil rights lawyer, has a history of working to fight inequality and injustice. She has worked for a NAACP where she took on a case where 40 African Americans were wrongfully convicted by an all-white jury. Gupta tried this case for a second time in court and was successful, ensuring that justice was carried out and her clients were given their freedom and dignity back. Gupta and Clarke represent a threat to right wing groups and politicians such as Ted Cruz, who are threatened that their power and privilege will be taken away if people of colour, particularly women,  are in positions of power.
  • Read the Full Story at https://www.blackstarnews.com/us-politics/news/we-must-fight-for-women-of-color-who-fight-for-us.html


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