Why Miami Heat guard Kendrick Nunn is helping single fathers

Written by Marc J. Spears

Published on 18th April 2021

Kendrick Nunn (right) with his father Melvin (left) and son Kyren. Nunn family

“He had his job, it was 9 to 5, that he had to provide for us. But he also took the time to spend family time with us and make his presence known as a father in-house. And that carried on throughout my life.” – Kendrick Nunn

 Kendrick Nunn, an American basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association, discusses his involvement with the non-profit company The Dovetail Project. This organisation provides support for black single fathers in Chicago.

As a native of Chicago, Nunn shares that he was raised by a single father and also he is a single father to his 4-year-old son, Kyren Nunn.  Kendrick Nunn has shared that his father was very involved in his children’s lives and was a great role model to himself and his sister. Melvin Nunn worked as a full-time delivery driver and raised his children with some help from his own family and his wife’s family. Nunn shared that his mother, Kimberly Harris, struggled with mental health issues in the past and that is the reason she was unable to be a part of her children’s early years. He states “But she’s doing great now. She’s a good mother. I love her to death.”

 Recently, Nunn has collaborated with the National Basketball Players Association (NBA) to provide a grant to the Dovetail Project. Also, Nunn volunteers as a mentor for the Dovetail Project. The Dovetail Project was founded by Sheldon Smith, who became a father at the age of 21 and created the organisation to support Black fathers from the ages of 17-24 years.

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