Women and ethnic minority employees contribute more profit for companies, reveals study

  • Written by Leah Mahon
  • Published on 2nd June 2021
Research found that just 2% diversity at board level increases business profits (Picture: Getty Images)
  • Companies that have higher gender and ethnic diversity perform better by up to 35%, a new study has shown.
  • Published by Urban Edge Capital (UEC), proven research validated by studies from the McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group suggests that companies with more women and ethnic minorities are excelling with a 2% diversity mix at board level delivering 12% generating more earnings.
  • UEC has also established a charity Urban Generation Trust to help with underprivileged teenagers get access to high profile careers. Less than 12% of portfolio managers in the city of London and within the investment management industry are black and less than 3% are black women.


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